Monday, January 6, 2014

The Story so Far

Dear Friends,

I have not been as regular on this blog as I would like to for thelast few months. But now I would like to share with you all that we have managed to accomplish during this period. It was an exciting journey where social responsibility and public service gained precedence over everything else.

We were a part of a unique fund raising drive for the St Mar Thoma School in Kurar. This unique school provides education over over 1000 children from one of the poorest slum pockets of Kurar in Mumbai. Most of these children are first generation learners. We were successful in generating funds for improving the infrastructure through unique initiatives like releasing agospel album. All sales proceeds from this album went towards making lives of these children a little brighter. The children too showed tremendous enthusiasm and we are proud to announce that all our students cleared their SSC exams!

Over 600 students from yet another one of our other schools, the Mumbai Public School - Juhu Gandhigram, has also been performing consistently well too. This is a BMC school where we hope to empower students from the lower socio-economic strata by making available all benefits that they are entitled to under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan. The SSA is a central government initiative to ensure primary education for all. SSA incorporates mechanisms for local monitoring via school monitoring committees comprising prominent citizens from the neighbourhood connected to various aspects of learning and education for municipal and government aided schools. The last few weeks were fun as the students celebrated Christmas, followed by our Annual Sports Day.

As judicial reforms require our increased participation, I have also been working on the Chalo Azad Maidan initiative... a march to raise awareness about the current government's apathy towards judicial reforms.

Watch this space for more.

Warm regards,

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