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DECOR ALERT - RAISE THE `BAR' - Times Property 12th Sept 2015

Sep 12 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)

People who enjoy entertaining guests have found unique ways to create a dedicated space for a personalised bar
Fancy personal bars at home are trendy these days, as people like to entertain in style. Bars are used as spaces to re lax, entertain and socialise. Today, people not only prefer to buy a bar but also have it custom-made according to their tastes. Bars create an enticing centre-piece for a party at home. One has plenty of options for a bar traditional, contemporary, eclectic, funky, free-standing and portable.For setting up a bar at home, one needs a niche and dedicated space in the balcony or living room. If one likes the traditional style, then an elegant dark wooden bar is ideal. For the glamour quotient, one can consider an island style bar in the living room, garden or the terrace. Designer bars with carved names on the bar front to camouflaging the bar like a cabinet till the party begins, are now seen in homes. Designer Babita Malkani speaks about the bar set up in her Juhu bungalow, “We have been able to achieve a singular union between the covered home and the extended open areas. Integrating the living and dining space with a deck, using folding glass panels, multiplies the sense of space and adds to the element of luxury.“
She continues, “The bar is located next to the garden deck and allows people to flow seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors. It has been customised according to the space available. The lighting around the bar is attractive, thus carrying forward the serene feel of the house.“
“It is an area where I engage in a certain level of discretion without invading the other section of the house. Due to my profession, I interact with several people from the fashion industry and also my friends. Thus, the bar area gives me room for socialising,“ she adds.
The bar is simple, geometric and made up of timber steel plates and smoked polycarbonate as a lighting trim. It is built over steel plates used to stiffen the bar top that is unsupported at one end. The outer surface is finished in timber polish with the polycarbonate trim, forming a band of light at the bottom that makes the bar appear lighter and elevated and helps conceal the steel plates. “The bar is complete with a sink, beer and beverage chiller and a wine rack and has display shelves for some bespoke alcohol that I have collected and artefacts to go with the origin of the alcohol all conversation-prompters,“ states Malkani.
Abhijeet Bhattacharya, well-known singer, has got a special outdoor pinewood bar imported from Spain for his 4000 sq ft, opulent home in Lokhandwala. Bhattacharya who has luxuriously designed his home, spotted a fancy wooden bar when he was abroad. “I don't like to drink at clubs. It is better to socialise with friends and family at home. The bar area is connected to the living room. It is a great place to relax, chill and enjoy. I like to entertain my guests and have over the years, collected a variety of liquor, glasses in different shapes and patterns and bar accessories. The bar is spacious and has a lot of stor age and even two huge barrels, inside,“ he adds.The huge terrace where the bar is placed has an additional seating capacity for occasions and parties and the floor is covered with green turf,“ describes Bhattacharya.
Music director, Raju Singh whose home has been done up in a classic vintage theme also has a bar in the balcony. “My home is my hub. I have a studio at home and after work, my home is the social hub. My wife Sherley has creatively crafted the bar from an antique cupboard and then gotten a platform made to serve drinks and created some space for a small refrigerator too,“ says Singh. The balcony has a variety of plants, flowers and the area is painted in white Plaster of Paris to retain the rustic touch. The seating in cludes old rose wood sofas from Chor Bazaar and two drum shaped stools. The bar has a spotlight and the rest of the area is illuminated with lanterns, candles and lamps. “The bar area has a soothing ambiance and since I live in a joint family, the balcony is an apt place to party, as it's connected to the living room and my studio at home.So, in such a case, the other family members are not disturbed,“ he adds.
Entertaining guests in style is a trend catching up in urban homes. A well-equipped bar makes the soiree a memorable one but setting a bar up and maintaining it are not easy.


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