Friday, July 29, 2016

Humans Of Bombay Post

Sherley Joseph Singh
Sherley Singh
“A few of my friends and I started a project called Rastaa Chaap. We basically paint dead trees to make them beautiful works of art, but more importantly to create awareness about how many trees are dying around us. We’re not expecting the authorities to do things, we are not complaining, we’re just going out there and trying to make a difference. 
We help people plant, protect and preserve treesand it’s a small step, but it’s a step none the less. Ever since we started, the support has been pouring in, in terms of volunteers or finances but one particular incident touched my heart.
A young teenage girl came to me and said that instead of taking her friends out, she wanted to pay for all of her friends to plant trees. So on her birthday about 20 teenagers spent the day planting trees between 7th and 8th road in Juhu. What’s amazing is that they haven’t forgotten about their trees after that— on their way to school they would stop by and water them…this was when it was summer and the heat was unbearable -- it was heartwarming to see that they cared.
I’m just glad that I’m doing my bit to make this city greener and I hope that this little step can go a long way.”

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