Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Project Hariyali

Project Hariyali

RaastaChaap and juhu Scheme Resident Association initiative

Project Hariyali an initiative by Rastaa Chaap, Juhu Scheme Residents Association #JSRA and the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport, students, parents with the support of BMC.

****Plant, Preserve and Paint trees. ****

Our 3P axiom Paints for awareness and generating community support preserves the flora and fauna by administering pro-biotic nutrients and Plants trees in an effort to increase green cover.

We have #plantparent for our trees to ensure they are watered and taken care off

Total trees planted till dates are
#Project Hariyali jvpd..360
#Project Hariyali  Gulmohar 60
# Project Hariyali Costal Garden... 55 trees

We are now in the process of identification of new location to plant in Juhu  ...public gardens/ grounds.

This effort was possible only because of the 100%support from the BMC garden dept of k west and the amazing army of team leader’s n volunteer’s ...in all

***Our model is ensuring every tree survives****
  1. #plantparent.... a parent assigned to every tree for the first 2 years ...  (who r normally the residents living close to these newly planted babies.). she/he  undertake to water it daily... n protect the tree
  2. To ensure higher survival we plant trees that are minimum 3 to 4 year old
  3. Protecting all our newly planted trees with the green mesh.



Project Hariyali

Project Hariyali - Juhu

Project Hariyali Gulmohar

Porject Hariyali - Costal Garden

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