Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rastaa Chaap At a Glance

RASTAACHAAP is an initiative of 14 like minded childhood friends who grew up in the green suburbs of Juhu and reconnected thanks to concerns over the death of so many trees in their neighbourhood. They made a resolve to save the lungs of our maximum city. They chose art as a medium to connect with the neighborhood and attract attention to wht needs to be done .

Our motto is to - Plant, Preserve and Paint



Project Hariyali

RaastaChaap and juhu Scheme Resident Association initiative

Project Hariyali an initiative by Rastaa Chaap, Juhu Scheme Residents Association #JSRA and the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport, students, parents with the support of BMC.

We have #plantparent for our trees to ensure they are watered and taken care off

Total trees planted till dates are
#Project Hariyali jvpd..360
#Project Hariyali  Gulmohar 60
# Project Hariyali Costal Garden... 55 trees

We are now in the process of identification of new location to plant in Juhu  ...public gardens/ grounds.

This effort was possible only because of the 100%support from the BMC garden dept of k west and the amazing army of team leader’s n volunteer’s ...in all

***Our model is ensuring every tree survives****
  1. #plantparent.... a parent assigned to every tree for the first 2 years ...  (who r normally the residents living close to these newly planted babies.). she/he  undertake to water it daily... n protect the tree
  2. To ensure higher survival we plant trees that are minimum 3 to 4 year old
  3. Protecting all our newly planted trees with the green mesh.



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